David Austen GEIST invite

NEUE HORIZONTE 2030 (2019)


An exhibition with works by:

David Austen

Jesse Darling

Heinz Frank

Tonio Kröner

Michaela Meise


Elif Saydam


Saturday 27th & Sunday 28th of April 2019

12am–6 pm

…ring at Neue Horizonte and follow the arrows…

The Berliner “Senatsverwaltung für Stadtentwicklung und Wohnen” has decided to tackle the increasing housing shortage in Berlin. It wants to double the amount of apartments in Berlin by 2030. Since there is no wasteland left, the plans for creating new living space shifted from the outside to the inside: people’s flats. The city will start to divide a number of Altbau-Wohnungen with higher ceilings horizontally to double the living space. We as some of the first tenants are free to choose whether we want to continue living downstairs or rather move to the new space upstairs. Now someone has moved in additionally. We are not quite sure who they are yet.

A mini-publication will accompany the show, featuring an interview with residents of Winterfeldtstraße, who successfully squatted the building in the 1980s.