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The Gorgon’s Dream (2012)

16mm black and white film silent

6 minutes

The Gorgon Mia Austen

The Gorgon’s Dream’, 2012 was inspired by a 16th century bronze Mannerist study by Benuvenuto Cellini held in the Victoria & Albert Museum, London. This sculpture depicts the severed head of the mythical snake haired Medusa suspended from the clenched fist of Perseus. The work is a model for Cellini’s ‘Perseus with the head of the Medusa’ found in the Loggia dei Lanzi in Florence.
Reimagined by Austen using actors and 16 mm film stock the work consciously recalls a Lee Miller photograph of a woman grasping the back of her coiffed head of hair.

Essay by Andreas Levantis – THE WEIGHT OF THE WORLD

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